Mini Split Heat Pump

A heat pump is the best way to use electricity for space heating. They can be up to 400% efficient, with typical efficiencies of 250-300%. This means you can heat for less than half of what it costs for electric baseboard or boiler and have economical AC in the summer!

The Mini Split heat pump works just like a regular air conditioner, but it can heat as well as cool. As an air conditioner, it transfers heat from the indoor unit inside a building to the outdoor unit. As a heater it transfers the heat from outside to inside - even when outside temperatures are -20C. This heat transfer is accomplished by using a refrigerant gas and a compressor. The compressor puts the refrigerant under a high pressure and moves it to the unit that needs the heat. Once there, the gas is allowed to expand which gives off heat, thus heating an area if it goes to the indoor, or cooling the area if the gas expands in the outdoor unit. Heat pumps have several ratings, but the key one is the HSPF. The HSPF indicates how efficient the heat pump is when it is in heating mode. The higher the number, the better the unit, just like the old miles-per-gallon or MPG. An HSPF or 10 or more is good; high efficiency units are as much as 12.5.

For the air conditioner feature we use a SEER rating, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.  The higher the SEER rating, the greater the efficiency.


9000, 12,000, 15,000, 18,000, 24,000 BTU


84 – 190 KWH


AC 240 Volts 20 - 30Amps


Heat, cool and dehumidify all in one.

Indoor unit installs high near ceiling.

Outdoor unit can be wall or ground mounted.

Indoor unit can be ~15m from outdoor unit.

Installation: 1 day.


Lowest operating cost of all heating systems.

Can easily be retrofitted into older homes.

Low maintenance.


Difficult to heat multiple rooms with one unit.

Initial cost.

Some models not effective below -20C.


Starting at $3300.00 +Tax Installed

"Solar power has provided us with an efficient and dependable power source while living off the grid on Pictou Island. Accolades go to Mr. Robert MacKean at Nova Sun Power for technical advice and professional installation of the solar powered system in our home. We are planning to add to our system in the near future and Nova Sun Power is the place to do business! We take pleasure in recommending Bob for your future solar power requirements."

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