Solar Hot Air System

A Solar Hot Air (SHA) system is the most economical way to capture the sun’s energy to help heat rooms or areas in your home or business. Small 1 or 2 panel systems are ideal for large rooms or entire levels in a house. Larger systems of 4 panels or more can be used to heat large homes or for use in a commercial or industrial applications.

A SHA system consists of three main parts; panels, ducting and fan. There is also a Photovoltaic (PV) panel for a power supply and thermostat. The operation of a SHA is very simple. The PV panel supplies power to the fan via a temperature sensor. When there is sufficient heat in the panels, the fan will start. The fan draws the cool air in from the lower inlet and pushes it into the panel. As the air moves through the panel it is warmed - up to 40 C. Warm air is pushed out of the outlet at the top of the panel and back into the room or area it was taken from. Additional ducting can be install to move the warm air to another room or area. There is no mixing with the outside air. A thermostat is used to keep the system from overheating the area involved or to keep the system off in the summer.


1 or 2 Panels Larger commercial systems available.


6 / 12 KWH


DC 12 Volts

No Power Required


Panels are typically wall mounted.

Can be vertical or horizontal mounted.

Panels should be at 60-90 degree angle.

Warm air can be ducted to other rooms.

Installation: 1 day.


Lowest cost of all Solar Energy systems.

No Electricity required to run the system.

Low maintenance.

Gov. Rebates Available.


Not practical if building has ample south facing glazing.

Needs good exposure to the sun.

Not useful during summer months.


Starting at $1900 +Tax

"Solar is the only way to go. Since Nova Sun Power installed it five years ago, we haven't had an ounce of trouble. A great investment for the future both environmentally and financially."

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