Solar Hot Water System

Using a Solar Hot Water (SHW) system is the most efficient way to capture the sun’s energy to heat water for use in your home or business. Small 1 or 2 panel systems are ideal for pre heating domestic hot water. Larger systems of 4 panels or more can be used to supplement in-floor heating or for pre heating in commercial or industrial applications.

A SHW system consists of three main parts; panels, storage tank and heat exchanger. There is also a pump, piping and controls. The operation of a SHW is fairly simple. The Photovoltaic (PV) panel supplies power to the control system and pump. When there is sufficient heat in the panels, the circulating pump then pumps a glycol based fluid from the heat exchange unit to the panels to pick up the heat from the sun. The heated fluid is then returned to the heat exchanger. The heat from the fluid is then transferred passively to the storage tank. The storage tank is supplied by cold water from a well or city water. The heat from the heat exchange unit heats the water in the storage tank. The water in the storage tank can get up to 60 C in the summer months and even in winter the temperature can be 40-50 C. The water from the storage tank supplies the hot water tank with pre-heated water, thus less energy is required to make domestic hot water!


1 or 2 Panels

Larger commercial systems available


1670 / 2760 KWH


DC 12 Volts

No Power Required


Panels can be roof or round mounted.

Panels can be 15 meters from heat exchanger.

Panels should be at 45 Degree angle.

Boiler and tank located in utility area.

Installation: 1 day.


Can provide up to 70% of required hot water.

No Electricity required to run the system.

Low maintenance

Gov. Rebates Available


Initial cost.

Needs good exposure to the sun.

May increase re-roofing costs.


Starting at $5550 +Tax

Nova Sun Power installed two Fujitsu heat pumps and a solar hot water system for me in 2010.  Rob MacKean was extremely helpful. But more importantly, he is very resourceful and was able to find unobtrusive ways to install which is hugely important in an old house such as mine. Since the installation he has also helped with various upkeep needs. I recommend this company highly.