Wind Turbine Power System (Off Grid)

A wind turbine takes the energy from moving air mass and converts it mechanical or electrical energy. Micro wind turbines (<1000 watts) can be used to charge batteries in numerous applications, such as remote cottages or sailboats. Small wind turbines (1KW – 100KW) are used by home owners or small businesses to generate power mainly to sell to the utility to offset their electric bills.

Typically, a wind turbine is set up on a tower of 15 meters or more in height. The electricity from the turbine is processed by a controller and is then used to charge batteries, or it is “sold” to the utility. The illustration shows an Off Grid system that has the turbine charging batteries that supply power through an inverter system. A generator is used as back up for extended, non-windy periods.

A wind turbine system can be augmented by adding a Photovoltaic (solar power) system. When wind turbine and solar power systems are combined, it is called a hybrid system.


Turbine - From 100 watts to 7500 watts.

Battery - 80 Amp Hour to 3400 Amp Hour.

Inverter - 100 Watts to 16,000 Watts


<1 KWH to 50 KWH


DC - 12, 24, 48 Volts
AC - 120, 120/240 Volts


Turbine should be 10 m above any trees or buildings.

Turbine can be >100 meters from batteries.

Turbines are not permitted in some municipalities/areas.

PV can be added for a HYBRID system.

Generators can be connected for backup.

Installation: 1 day.


Clean renewable energy.

Cost effective when compared to generator alone or Utility Line extensions over 1000 meters.

An option for locations where PV is not practical.


Initial cost.

Maintenance of turbine – moving parts.

Noise issues


Starting at $2000 - $60,000 +Tax

"Solar is the only way to go. Since Nova Sun Power installed it five years ago, we haven't had an ounce of trouble. A great investment for the future both environmentally and financially."

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