About Us

Nova Sun Power has evolved from a humble beginning. Soaring energy prices in 1996 motivated me to find a better way to power my home. As an electrician, I knew I had the skills and knowledge to provide my family with energy security and save money. I recalled a gift I was given as a child and began dreaming about solar.


My Father had given me a "150 in 1 Electronic Projects Kit" in 1975. It ignited a long-term passion for the power of renewable energy. Two decades later, I contacted a supplier of solar modules in Ontario. I bought enough equipment to service my home as well as the homes of a few of my friends. Everything was great except for one thing; I wanted more! So I did it again. Order, deliver, install and... then the phone began to ring.

I had not intended to start a renewable energy company. There was an 'alternative energy' business in Nova Scotia at the time, but I realized that with rising energy costs, there was room for me in the market too. What began as a desire to lower my energy cost in the summer of 1996 has become Nova Sun Power's call to action.

Nova Sun Power doesn't just install renewable energy and solar systems; we actually reduce the long-term costs of energy to our clients and their families.

Power rates continue to increase, our world is in the midst of a climate crisis and the economy rolls like the North Atlantic. Nova Sun Power provides savings, climate action and energy security.

From modest roots, we have become a company determined to be a part of the solution for our families, our communities and our planet. As a triple bottom line company (People. Planet. Profit.), we want to be part of your energy solution.

Join the renewable energy uprising.

I am writing to thank you for the tremendous installation of our new solar electric system. I could not have asked for a more worry free experience. You took the time to show me what options I had and how I could make the best system work with my specific needs. Your service during and after the installation has been nothing less than incredible. I really appreciate the fact that you personally came to our house on numerous times and checked on the system. You have made our transition to solar power a stress free experience and I would like to thank you for all your hard work and time."

The Downeys