About Us

Nova Sun Power has evolved from a humble beginning. Soaring energy prices in 1996 motivated me to find a better way to power my home. As an electrician, I knew I had the skills and knowledge to provide my family with energy security and save money. I recalled a gift I was given as a child and began dreaming about solar.


My Father had given me a "150 in 1 Electronic Projects Kit" in 1975. It ignited a long-term passion for the power of renewable energy. Two decades later, I contacted a supplier of solar modules in Ontario. I bought enough equipment to service my home as well as the homes of a few of my friends. Everything was great except for one thing; I wanted more! So I did it again. Order, deliver, install and... then the phone began to ring.

I had not intended to start a renewable energy company. There was an 'alternative energy' business in Nova Scotia at the time, but I realized that with rising energy costs, there was room for me in the market too. What began as a desire to lower my energy cost in the summer of 1996 has become Nova Sun Power's call to action.

Nova Sun Power doesn't just install renewable energy and solar systems; we actually reduce the long-term costs of energy to our clients and their families.

Power rates continue to increase, our world is in the midst of a climate crisis and the economy rolls like the North Atlantic. Nova Sun Power provides savings, climate action and energy security.

From modest roots, we have become a company determined to be a part of the solution for our families, our communities and our planet. As a triple bottom line company (People. Planet. Profit.), we want to be part of your energy solution.

Join the renewable energy uprising.

“Solar power has provided us with an efficient and dependable power source while living off the grid on Pictou Island. Accolades go to Mr. Robert MacKean at Nova Sun Power for technical advice and professional installation of the solar powered system in our home. We are planning to add to our system in the near future and Nova Sun Power is the place to do business! We take pleasure in recommending Bob for your future solar power requirements.”

The MacDonalds